Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty pink flowers

A thank-you from a friend... How beautiful?

Check out the skirt I made for Nadia's engement shoot - which earned me the thank-you-flowers.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tan broges

So it looks like the little bit of Winter that Durbs was gonna have this year is almost over... The snow in the Berg didn't last long and the freezing wind was just enough to make me feel nice and cozy under the covers with a cuppa hot choc. It's a good thing, coz I'm not exactly Winter's biggest fan... So I had to spoil myself with these beautiful  shoes the other day - just to dress up my favourite jacket and knitted tights :) Thanks Mr P!

Monday, July 12, 2010

New hair....

In search of a pic or two to show a new hairstylist tomorrow, I came across these...

I'm a sucker for lots of texture and I'm still hopelessly in love with platinum blond (although still not completely convinced on it's practicality)... Hold thumbs that she gets my vibe :)

images all from we heart it and lookbook

Monday, July 5, 2010

Little pretties

It's so hard to walk away from market empty handed... impossible in fact, as there are just too many loveley goodies that just need to go home with you.... This week I had a good excuse though... my bestie is coming home from London and she needs a little African-inspired-welcome-home-something to show her how much I missed her and to make her (hopefully) stay, even if it's only for a while...

I thought this lovely brooch from Nicky was the perfect reminder of the beauty and simplicity of the country of my heart and the colourful postcard as a freeby will make the perfect card...

Nadia had the most devine lucky dip and I could not pass up the oppertunity to make this little secret part of the prezzy...

Lisa and Jo's cute postcard stole my hart and I had to have this little package parcel...

And as I opened it up there were just more and more surprises inside... they made me sooo happy - like a little girl at Christmas!!

I walked a way a very happy girl indeed... Hope my friend loves her prezzies as much as I loved buying them for her..... Welocome home JoJo!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Market love

So Nadia and I set up stall on Saturday morning and sold some lovely goodies at i heart market. It was lots of fun to get out and showcase our pretties and meet some lovely people...

Thanx for stopping by and saying hi if you were there xxx