Monday, November 23, 2009

City scapes

So it's no secret that I'm a "Vaalie" by birth right, growing up in the rat race of the Jozi suburbs. But here's a little tribute to the city that stole my heart one night while I was searching my way down the N2 to meet some new-found friends at the Great Gateway. It was dark and I was running late and wondering how far I still had to go when suddenly, as if from nowhere, millions of lights appeared on the hill and the whole landscape was filled with a bright golden light. Up and down the hills and up again these little lights stretched into non-exisistance... and that was the moment I realized, after just two weeks, I was in love with Durban!

The view from my bedroom window

Pigeons on the Esplanade

North Beach, like everyone knows it

Sunrise on a winter's morning

Sunset and lights an purple skies

I do not know how long this whirlwind romance with the city by the sea will last for, but for now my heart is happy and my days are dreams...

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